We’d like to introduce you to 22 women. These women have gathered from the varied corners of social media to give their response to some of the biased and disgusting “performances” of the media. We’ve selected the name 22 women because it was 22 pundits who recently appeared on the pages of a top “conservative publication” to declare they were the judge and jury on the case of Donald Trump.

We also noticed that only three of those conservative executioners were women.  The GOP has a history of being unable to attract women to share its perspective. Strangely, women are told daily by this same inept establishment that Donald Trump is the one who is a dreadful lout when it comes to women.  

There are 22 women who believe their voices matter as much as the voices of the media, if not more.  

From a demographic standpoint, these women represent many segments of American culture. They are each, however, uniquely independent. They are not represented by a non-profit. They do not have donor funding. They do not have a Super PAC. These women have volunteered their time and their skills. They are each self-funding their own contribution.

They do not expect to be applauded for their effort. They expect to be derided, ridiculed, and lambasted for sharing their thoughts. They are brave, faithful, and steadfast women but characteristics such as those are no longer widely appreciated in America. These women expect the media and the magnificent array of Trump opposition will circle to laugh and call them names. The snarky editors will call forth the poison pens to stab, slash, and shush their bravery.

These women, however, carry the very heart and soul of America in their hands. They know, when the derision begins, it is really the object they carry that is being ridiculed.  The media, in particular, rarely misses an opportunity to belittle America. It has used its shelter under the Constitution, not to inform but to influence. The magazines, newspapers, and television news programs misuse its power and guaranteed protections. They, along with Hollywood and our popular literature, are the authors of an ongoing devastation unlike any we have seen before.
America’s relentless demolition can be seen each evening on the nightly news. That the corrosion is lit with bright lights upon a dazzling stage rather than with canon fire and grenades does not make it any less damaging. It’s just politely less bloody. It’s a war where the beautiful foot soldiers are patted and polished by talented make-up artists. (It’s amusing to realize that, while Mattel is attempting to make Barbie’s appearance more real, there would be pandemonium in the newsrooms if the nation’s make-artists were to simultaneously go on strike.) 

When it comes to Donald Trump, our carefully coiffed anchors and pundits first scoff at his hair. His every word is then misleadingly weighted with scorn and served up for mockery. His voters are shamed. They are being bullied and coerced into choosing another, more desirable, candidate. One that follows a script. THE Script.

Meanwhile, on the streets of America, the hurtful truth is being lived as a daily reality. Sabine Durden, who shares her story in these pages, represents microcosm and a symbolic representation of America. America has a lady with a light in her harbor who really does represent all of us.  Immigration IS “who we are” and there is no one more convinced than Sabine.  She is a legal immigrant. Her son, Dominic, was bi-racial and as such, was symbolic representation of our melting pot. Dominic, carefully taught by Sabine, was also someone who gave back. His hugs were big and expansive. His attitude was “can do” and Dominic did.  Along with his full time job in a 9-1-1 call center, he was a volunteer. In fact, he won an award for the number of hours he had volunteered.  He gave away his personal time as a First Responder. He worked with the firefighters, the police officers and the EMTs who rush to aid those in emergencies. Dominic had been taught to respect and to become the best of America. Then, someone who had no respect for America killed Dominic. Sabine tried to tell his story but the media didn’t listen. It didn’t care. His death wasn’t in the script. Until one day, she got a phone call.  Read her story to find out how her life was changed that day.

In fact, we invite you to take the time to read each woman here. She has a message to share with you and each woman is standing bravely to deliver it because in America, you stand up and you stand tall... even if your knees are shaking. 

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