22 Women is an online publication (and now a blog) created by women for women. It’s styled like a magazine but "magazine" may not the best term  -- perhaps it’s a collective journal or a literary work of letters -- but whatever it’s called, it’s a work that comes straight from the heart of these women.  

The idea for 22Women was born out of several small occurrences. The first thing was a conversation I had with a personal friend. She agrees with every idea Donald Trump has put forth but disdainfully won’t vote for him because he’s “so unpleasant.” The second thing is that among a number of couples I know personally; only the men plan to vote for Trump. The other thing is the media including the National Review. I have respected National Review up until now. When I saw the WAY the “gang of 22” used their language and the ideas they put forth, I have never been so ashamed and embarrassed to be a Republican. Plus only 3 of the contributors were women!

So, to kill two birds with one stone, I asked 22 women to write their views on Trump.  They agreed and these are their collected thoughts. The women do not know one another or which contributors were selected. They were not able to compare notes. They received little instructions beyond three brief sentences: “Many women aren't happy with Trump since he's "so vulgar." Pick a piece from national review and answer it? Or just write a piece you want to say to other women?”

Another Twitter volunteer who must be given an extra round of applause is Amy Moreno who is a contributing writer and the graphic designer behind the work. She has gone far beyond the call of time, duty, and sanity to get this piece accomplished.

With undying thanks to everyone,
Nancy McGregor

Dedicated to the MAGA Family

Make American Great Again


  1. There is such a thing as a "healthy selfish."
    America is useless to others if we are not strong, and financially sound.
    I correlate it to a simple analogy.
    You're on a plane, prior to take off, the Attendant goes over safety rules. In the event of cabin depressurization, you place the mask over your face first, then over your child's.
    Our first instinct is to protect the child, then ourselves, but if we lose consciousness, the child is lost.
    If we don't take care of America(ns) first, how can we help anyone else?

    1. Well said. You are exactly right.

    2. I agree completely -- my thoughts on this agree, as I am a mother of three grown children. When you have small chiildren, you soon discover that if you do not stay well and strong, you won't be able to take care of them properly. You learn how to take care of yourself first, so you have good energy to give to being a great mom!
      Trump is right -- Americans need to remember to stand up for themselves first! Then we will be strong enough to help others.

  2. I'd love to join you. 23 women for Donald Trump.

  3. I'm 62, 63 next week and I honestly can't remember the last time I voted; over 30 years ago, because it seemed pointless.
    Donald Trump has given me hope again, and I will vote for him.
    I lost everything during the Bush administration, my home,job & credit. Counting on Mr. Trump for an improved economy.