Wednesday, February 17, 2016


By @C4Constitution

I am a first generation American.  My parents came to America from Finland after the war in 1948.  They studied English and the Constitution to become US Citizens.  My Dad went on to build thousands of houses and employ thousands of workers during his lifetime.  He lived the American Dream and passed down his patriotism for America to his four children.

As an American, I grew up to become an Officer in a public company.  I meet many women who support Donald J Trump for President and I am honored to give you just a few reasons why I support him too.

Our country is in worse shape fiscally, physically, socially and Constitutionally than what a casual onlooker sees at the surface.  In fact, we have been infiltrated by enemy ideologies which run contrary to our Constitution at every level of government.  I watch in utter disbelief as our President and Congress push open borders, TPP, NAFTA, Common Core, Affordable Health Care Act ("ObamaCare"), Sanctuary Cities and much more upon our Sovereign nation.  I am angry that our Veterans are not being given the utmost in medical care and services, the least we can do for their sacrifice for us all.  Money allocated to the VA gets siphoned to pad the pockets of bureaucrats, and our Vets suffer.  I am furious that illegals get the benefits of our hard earned tax dollars when it should go to Americans.  I am sickened that Islam in America is usurping Judeo-Christian values.  The very politicians we vote into office to fight for us, end up voting against our wishes.  When Mr. Trump says our politicians are all talk and no action, I believe him.  He is right.

I am an Evangelical Christian since 1979.  My husband is an ordained minister.  We've lived long enough to experience time and again that God looks on the heart and not the exterior of a person.  Some people are taken aback by Mr. Trump's tone and his occasional expletives. These don't bother me at all.  Is he a "perfect" man?  No, that title is reserved for Jesus alone.  Does he speak "Christianese"?  Thank God, no.  God has used many different types of people through the ages.  I don’t require a fire and brimstone, Bible-quoting President.  In fact, I believe someone like that would never win in a General Election.  Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.  I don't need to dig deep to find that Mr. Trump loves his family and loves America.  He has generously given high millions to countless worthy causes and oftentimes unreported.  I can't imagine why he would give up his great life to take on these vipers.  Fame?  No, already has it.  Money?  No, already has it.  I truly believe Mr. Trump is called to serve in such a time as this.  God knows Mr. Trump's mega ego will be necessary to tear down the strongholds choking us all to death!  Mr. Trump is used to winning.

Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign. This is crucial to understand. When donors give millions to a candidate, that candidate has to pay the money back by doing the bidding of these donors once the candidate is President. Take a look at the billionaire donors: Koch, Club For Growth to name a few.  Dig a bit and you will find they donate to all the candidates, except Mr. Trump. Why do they do this?  It's called STRATEGY.  These donors are for open borders and a cheap labor force. They don't care who becomes President. They know they own that candidate and open borders will continue.  The RNC & GOP are dastardly.  They have devised schemes to ensure their candidate wins. They first wanted Jeb Bush but We The People said, "NO!" Now they are pushing Marco Rubio. Ask yourselves how Mr. Rubio ended up with 11% more votes in the last 15 minutes of the Iowa caucus when he never polled above 12% to begin with.  Think Microsoft Cloud voting software & GOP IA Headquarters.  I smell a rat.  A big, fat, voter fraud rat.  Speaking of rats, Sen. Cruz and his team proved themselves to be dirty rats with no integrity as well.  What they did to Dr. Ben Carson was disgraceful and fraudulent.  As a people we should never allow it. The onslaught by these dastardly lifetime politicians and donors hasn't yet begun against Mr. Trump.  I implore all Americans to watch entire Trump Rallies on YouTube and go to to read up on all his policies. They are rock solid. We won't get the truth from the media, who are also in place for the politicians and donors.  Mr. Trump has built a highly successful company - doing business worldwide.  He is not a career politician dependent on keeping donors happy.  I believe he will work for America's Citizens.

Isn't it time to choose a candidate who tells it like it is, no holds barred, is well connected around the world, will fight for our Constitutional freedoms and protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic, one who will make us stronger as a nation militarily and fiscally?  Mr. Trump will repeal ObamaCare and Common Core.  He will build a wall and insist immigrants come in LEGALLY.  He will negotiate with nations to make free trade fair, as it should be.  He will lower taxes for us all, allowing American companies to return to our soil and give jobs to Americans.  His great big ol' EGO won't allow for less than success.

All of these are only some of the reasons why Mr. Trump is the ONLY viable candidate for President in November.  We are at a major crossroads as a Nation.  We have the chance to finally unite and in one voice tell Washington and the world that we have had enough and We The People will take it from here.  Please vote for Donald Trump in your State's Primary and in the November General Election.  Do it in person to minimize voter fraud by the GOP utilizing MS Cloud voting software, which has already been manipulated.

Mr. Trump is a winner.  I say let's help him win for us all.  He most assuredly has my vote.

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