Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Need Strength

By Lindsey Kathryn
Mother of Four

The reason I'm supporting Donald Trump as our next president is simple, I am a proud American and I would like to see a secure boarder, renewed economic vitality, and a restoration of our traditional American values.

What do I mean by traditional American values? I mean the very same values Mr. Trump himself instilled upon his own children. He taught them to preserve themselves from vices that would paralyze them from independent and successful lives. He taught his daughters that if they applied themselves they have an equal opportunity to be just as successful as their brothers. He also taught them to be independent and create personal wealth for themselves honestly. He taught them to be responsible and respectful, but to stand up for themselves as well as for those who are less capable.

Many view Donald Trump as a purely bombastic and arrogant man. However, as I have taken the time to read about him, I have learned that, in the background, you see the Trump that Mr. Falwell Jr recently described, a man who takes his power, money, and influence seriously. A man who is very kind, giving and guided by a strong moral compass to do the right thing. This is the kind of leadership we desperately need in our country right now. We are at a dangerous crossroad in America right now and our next president must be a person who takes the business of the American people seriously, a person who is not in the oval office for personal gain.

We need a man who understands why our economy is paralyzed and what needs to be done to bring it back to life. We need a person who isn't torn between doing the right thing for the American people and appeasing the special interests and lobbyists who were responsible for getting him elected. We need leadership. We need principles. We need strength. We need Donald J Trump!

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