Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump Versus Washington

By Lauren Martel Attorney

I am a conservative Attorney and I support Donald Trump. The Executive Branch of the American Representative Republic has been dysfunctional for over 100 years. There is much damage to undo. This damage has resulted from executive over-reach, abuse, and the failure to actually do the main duty of  the office of President, which is to be a Commander and Chief.  Our military needs an American President that will build a strong military to stand at the  ready but also one who is just as strong  against deploying it. 

With 22 military suicides a day-- it is refreshing to see a strong  leader step out of the way and give exposure  to the underbelly of what is happening in  these prolonged, unconstitutional wars.  Donald Trump will secure the nation’s borders and he is aware of how abused our immigration  system is. It fails in any integrity and it has been a main source of waste and fraud  while it incentives individual criminal behavior.  It’s doubtful Donald Trump will allow such chaos in his Presidency. 

Historically, America has been a beacon of exceptionalism because, in the past, we did not allow corruption and criminal behavior to rule the day.  Mr. Trump has been very successful in many areas of his life and has shown himself able to overcome negative events and he has learned from his difficult experiences.   

Donald Trump knows the real issues and is willing to confront these issues with common sense solutions based logic that is lacking in all the other candidates. Immigration is the main issue for me and it is the umbrella under which reside National Security, the economy, our resources and Public Safety. Trump gets all these problems in real time, not DC time.  Rubio was for Amnesty in the Gang of 8 right next to Lindsey Graham and John McCain.  

I can’t imagine a worse candidate for our next President. He may arguably be better looking than Lindsey Graham but, inside, they are a perfect match. Rubio missed important votes and despite his great viral video stating America is a Judeo-Christian nation, he didn’t win my trust. It’s just “more talk and less walk.” His timing is too orchestrated and his record is less than conservative for traditional American values. Obviously Rubio also has a vested interested in revisionist law to justify his own family history. Since he has been in office, he has lobbied side by side with Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham to help fundamentally change America-- while giving lip service to blaming Obama. 

The GOP Establishment has sold America out more insidiously than the Democrats and the time to say no to this vile behavior of “go along to get along” is over. America is awake and is no longer silent.  Donald Trump sees through all of the smoke, mirrors, and deception and he is ready to stand up for American greatness and power grounded even still in Divine Providence. He will take the requisite  “Authority of Message” back from the media and those who have wrongfully taken our Country into lawless chaos. 

Donald will let the Free Markets work, which is the best way to a healthy, productive, and just society.  The President needs to do a specific and limited job and do it well.  There is no other candidate that has the ability to MAKE AMERICA GREAT again than Trump. He is not a puppet to the establishment or status quo. The status quo is simply unacceptable and it is a devastating track for American Liberty.  For the above reasons and many more logical, researched, and clear reasons I will vote for Donald J. Trump on Feb 20, 2016 in South Carolina.   

The granddaughter of Dr. Norman B. Gibbs, a WW II Chaplain and veteran, Lauren’s family links to the US Military and goes back to the Revolutionary War. She has a lineage of warriors who fought for liberty and freedom and enlightened society. Her passion for our veterans and their families is ingrained in her from her grandfather’s service, her family history and as an attorney practicing Law.

In the family court she has seen the destruction of military families and families in general as a consequence of the effects on our soldiers serving in the Global War on Terror.

As an attorney of over 20 years, Lauren has lent her legal expertise to countless successful businesses and leaders across the country and has spearheaded several initiatives on the restoration of our families and our communities and is a sought after guest speaker on several radio and television shows such as Michael Cutler on USA Talk Radio Network. She has contributed to many conservative, limited
government, Fiscal Conservative Constitutional community organizing events and participated in the political process throughout her career, most recently being actively involved in exposing the refugee resettlement program in South Carolina.
She is the chief Legal Correspondent for America Informed. Attorney Martel has argued in the Supreme Court of South Carolina in April of 2014
Undergraduate Degree BA – Syracuse University 1987
Juris Doctorate – Syracuse University 1990

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