Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump Means Business

Rebecca M. Business Owner

Having children, raising a family makes a woman look beyond concerns about her own lifetime, and be concerned for the future of her children. I am unwaveringly supporting Donald Trump because he is the candidate most consistently opposed to illegal immigration. Porous borders are a gateway for terrorists to enter our country, putting us in peril and destroying the economy. All other candidates have ambiguous records on immigration & the wall.

I will vote for Trump because I have a teenaged daughter to protect. Watching the horrors committed against young girls of Germany and Sweden is sobering. As a mother of an 18-year-old girl, I am heartbroken seeing what out of control refugees have done. I support Donald Trump as the candidate most trusted to prevent this atrocity from seeping into our country. Trump had the courage to confront this issue; others have been ambiguous about immigration.

Authenticity is a driving force in an intuitive woman's motivation to vote. Some disapprove of Trump's occasional lapse in formality, or are taken aback at an eyebrow-raising curse but he is authentic. It matters in the world of our Washington GOP who betrayed us last November & capitulated to Obama.

A woman's earning power is undeniably one if the most crucial things to allow her autonomy and self-respect. As a head of a single parent household, I work hard to provide for my children. I trust Donald Trump to make fiscal decisions that will benefit the American economy, not the whims of Big Globalist Donors. Cruz and Rubio have supported TPP, which will cede our power of congress, our laws and constitution and gives power to a huge socialist governing body w/ control over our lives without any voting power.

As a businesswoman, I am appalled at the haphazard frivolous disregard our leaders have shown to our 20T debt. If I tried to run a business with such a debt and laxity I would be shut down very quickly. Trump will run our fiscal affairs as a successful business.

As a self-employed real estate broker I have to pay out of pocket costs for 100% of health insurance for my family. Obama care costs are crippling. Despite that, I have made the choice to pay $30K a year to send my children to private high schools in an environment that reflects traditional values, and to avoid Common Core. I am horrified at what has happened to our public schools, the downgraded quality of education and the anti-Christian anti-patriot sentiment pervading our curriculum. At great sacrifice I drive 4 hours a day, taking them to two different schools every day, 30 miles apart and then go to work. I see Mr. Trump's presidency as my only hope for economic relief from the backbreaking burden of ACA. I trust that Mr. Trump will improve the economy and lift some of the confiscatory business taxes that are preventing me from saving for the future, providing for my children and living my life to the fullest. We are not bigots. We are not without compassion. We also do not want our neighborhoods to be infiltrated with undocumented refugees, illegals, ISIS imposters, and illegal drugs. I trust that Mr. Trump will be our best chance to protect our borders, culture, and economic integrity.

I am tired of the media brainwashing and demonizing Mr. Trump. The left-leaning media is always pushing fictional dystopias where there is a chasm between rich and poor, where the country is driven by racial conflict, and where the whole nation has to be taxed to death and impoverished to serve the power and vanity of the corrupt government. Trump is not part of this system, which is why I give him my full trust and support.

Mother of two teenagers, self employed, small business owner/operator, conservative political activist in a liberal city, and proud of our American traditions and values.

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