Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Game-Changer: Businessman Turned Political Umpire - How Donald J. Trump is Calling out the Players in the Game of Politics and Why He Will Have My Vote

By Brittany Nicole Trosclair
Have you ever had "that friend" in your life, perhaps in elementary school, maybe later along in your career as a colleague, who would whisper helpful information into your ear?  It could have been about a secret house party, a pop-quiz, an unexpected job performance know, the person that saves your ass from missing out or being unprepared?  Well, Donald Trump has become "that friend" to the American people.  

Donald - "The Donald" - Trump has slowly but surely opened the curtains to reveal the true wizard of wonder behind  "the establishment."  He has revealed the roles that major money corporations play in our politics.  He has shown the American people the true agenda of politicians when they pass -or do not pass- laws. Currently, the deals that are made now do personally benefit these politicians (who vote as they are told by their money masters) and their money-backers (superPACS who hold the strings to their actions as they remind the politician who put up the money for him/her to run), not only hurt America as a whole, but also trickle-down to hurt the individual American citizen - reflected in the cost of many things today.  

Trump has a very simplified way of explaining this, especially as our deals pertain to pharmaceuticals -- during his speech at a New Hampshire presidential rally, Trump states that "...we (USA) are the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in the world...and, can you believe it? We are not allowed to negotiate these prices?...that's $300 million in waste right there..."  He later relates the cost of over-the-counter medications in relation to what we are spending on prescription drugs even with insurance. Further, he ties these non-negotiable arrangements to the major pharmaceutical companies who back some of the candidates who are considered tied in with the establishment. I understood Mr. Trump's reiterated point perfectly well -- we have to negotiate better deals for our country and we need a candidate who is both experienced in negotiating and not connected to the favor strings of someone who has paid into him. Donald Trump cannot be bought. He will not answer to any person or entity that is not the American people. 

Donald Trump is unapologetically and brutally honest. He is a man who is unscripted and speaks from his soul - he says exactly what he feels. His delivery is authentic, often unfiltered, and this resonates with people making him relatable. His candid demeanor allows him to seen as more trustworthy than the choreographed words and actions of other candidates. People support Trump because he has given them a renewed faith and hope in electing a President of the United States of America who is for them and has the least to gain personally.  He has already built his empire and legacy and he only hopes to gain the satisfaction of knowing that he left the future generations of the United States a better and more secure country. 

The honesty Trump demonstrates goes further than unmasking politics, he is honest about his personal life and dealings. Mr. Trump has admitted his part in being on the "other side of the establishment" earlier in his career. He acknowledges his donations and further explains why he made them and how they were used. He explains why they were necessary and intends to use his personal knowledge to help prevent future corrupt dealings within the USA and foreign policy and trade. Acknowledgment and admission go a long way in my book of character.  Mr. Trump has not attempted to present himself as clean-cut and perfectly polished - he has admitted his "failures," such as his professional bankruptcies (Chapter 11 for protection and re-organization) and his hard times during the 1990's when he explains how he had to have the strong mind-frame to "make it through 1995." This is another point demonstrating how he is relatable to the American citizen. Who hasn't ever felt the pressure of possibility and experienced self doubt?  He has. He has failed. He has built. He has succeeded. He has created an empire and legacy for himself and his family and hopes to use those same talents and resources to do the same for our country, The United States of America. 

What I find so very interesting about people who do not take Donald Trump's candidacy seriously, or those who bash him and his supporters by calling him a "showman" and "democrat in disguise," is that, upon further detailed discussion with them, they don't seem to have much of a case for rebuttal.  I have heard "well...he went bankrupt several times! He's so VULGAR!  He's racist!  He HATES women!" Simple research into bankruptcy laws will show that filing bankruptcy can sometimes be a very beneficial and necessary business move.  And while he may come off as vulgar to some, this can be considered part of the candid, unfiltered speech that makes Trump so relatable to the unspoken thoughts of the common American. His "racist comments" are often taken out of context and misconstrued when the reality is that he is oftentimes referencing illegal activities as a result of the illegal immigration problem at hand as well as the serious problems influenced by certain radical groups of the Middle East - who clearly state their objectives are to destroy the USA with motives related to extremist religious beliefs commanding them to do so.  Trump does not "hate women" - How can a man who has empowered his own daughter to build and expand her personal career, of which he often expresses his pride and acknowledgment to her accomplishments, hate women?  This respect and pride is reciprocated by all of his children. 

Another issue that is repeatedly used as an attack point is the comment that Donald Trump made regarding his daughter, Ivanka, on a talk show -- which, of course, was taken out of context. Yes, we have all seen and heard that quote over and over -- "...she has a nice figure...if she weren't my daughter, perhaps I would have dated her..."  So, let's preface this:  Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump are sitting aside one another as a talk show host asks what would his feelings be if Ivanka chose to pose in Playboy magazine. What you don't hear is that Mr. Trump says "I would be disappointed, I mean I don't think that she would do that...although she does have a nice figure...(as he attempts to compliment her as objectively as possible) and, perhaps, if she weren't my daughter, I would have dated her...(as he laughs and pokes fun at himself for his reputation of having dated many young, beautiful, and successful women throughout his life)."  Despite the full context and tone of the conversation, most of the media did not hesitate to jump on his words and continue to spread them along like a bad game of "Pass the Secret," insinuating his comments to be incestuous. This type of hype around the misconstrued words of Mr. Trump always seems to be a hot topic of discussion. 

He is the underdog in this race with himself and his supporters constantly being subjected to attacks and exclusion (such as attempts by Facebook and other media sources to not mention his name in an effort to keep him from "trending"). The irony of this all is that attacks on Trump seem to lead to the advancement of Trump -America LOVES an underdog!  I can relate to cheering for the underdog on a personal level as I am a New Orleans Saints football fan.  The world witnessed our beloved city of New Orleans suffer during Katrina; they later experienced SuperBowl XLIV's MVP, Drew Brees and Coach Sean Payton's efforts with the team when our Saints beat the odds of the NFL team's long-established negative reputation by scoring an unforgettable win in 2009 - defying the doubters. Americans love to hear stories of "beating the odds."  If someone says you cannot do something, let that be your motivation to succeed and prove them wrong. I see Trump doing this artfully. I also see people relating to him because of this. 

Another thing Mr Trump has also done artfully is demonstrated his nature as a true gentleman.  This was most recently witnessed on the ABC GOP debate as Trump politely waited behind the scenes with Dr. Ben Carson until his name was audibly called again and until Dr. Carson took the stage. Trump was subtly hinting for other candidates to do the same (however, those candidates walked right past them both and into their own shining moment). With this innocuous gesture, Trump has shown the world that he is a man of class and integrity who does not like injustice, bullying, nor the under-handed slick tactics that our polished career politicians have perfected.  

I am a single mother, of Puerto-Rican descent, to a half-Lebanese son and because of this I often hear criticism for my support of Mr Trump.  However, I support Mr Trump in part because I am a mother, because I feel that Trump's stances and leadership will create the kind of future that I want for my son. 

As a highly-qualified public school teacher who has witnessed discouraged children and parents the past few years during implementation of Common-Core, Donald Trump's stances on Common-Core and education beginning at the local level SPEAKS to me. This opinion might gain me adverse reviews from some of my colleagues, but, just like Trump,  I don't feel that keeping quiet about my discontent will help bring change.

Trump is attempting to reinstate the values, principles, and ideals that our forefathers shed blood, tears, and their lives to protect.  The very land that represents these efforts is land on which we are now being attacked and intimidated. This behavior towards our country and our tolerance of it is simply unacceptable. We need a STRONG leader who can be understanding but knows how to NEGOTIATE every detail of every deal so that we, as a united nation, may once again prosper and remain protected. 

When I see all of the American Flags surrounding the stage of a Trump rally, when I hear "US FIRST" spoken at his rallies, when Donald Trump closes with "I love you, and thank you all," I simply cannot describe the sense of pride that I have in our future president and the future of our country where we may, once again, FEEL FREE and BRAVE! 

In closing, long before Donald J. Trump ever announced his bid for President I often thought "why isn't an economist running this country?  Why can't a person's own life and business ventures  be his required resumé to run the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS that any American should be concerned with?"  Then came Donald J. Trump, a builder of an empire, an Ivy League school graduate, New York City tough-talking businessman who has failed, in some aspects, LEARNED, rebuilt, and succeeded stronger than before. A man who has an understanding of the people of other countries and the relationships that the USA has with them in regard to trade and protection. He clearly sees where the "bad deals" are. Truthfully, he understands the complexity of it all and is able to translate this into simplified terms that Americans can navigate and understand. 

There's no denying that Donald Trump has created a movement largely due to his authenticity and relatability with the American people - whom he acknowledges for his advancement thus far in the Political race.  And remember, as history has shown us  - adversity often leads to advancement in OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

Patriotically Penned,

Brittany Nicole Trosclair

Brittany Nicole belongs to the "millennial generation". She was born in Lafayette, LA and is currently residing in New Orleans, LA. Born into a politically affiliated family, she has always had a passion for justice, integrity, teaching, writing, and advocating. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has entertained notable opportunities to showcase her writing in everything from opinion pieces to the character analysis and synopsis writing of films. 


  1. Brittany Nicole Trosclair..
    Nice article but this is coming from the same person who will not answer a door to get served papers. For a suit against you for not paying babysitting services, when you left you kids with a nanny service, and they couldn't get in touch with you and had to keep switching out nannys for a couple days.. Trump will not be proud of you... Answer the door today and allow someone to do their job so they can move on to another case.
    Brittany Nicole Trosclair