Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Texas for Trump

By Penny Bishop
Regional Sales Manager

I am 50 year old and I come from the great state of Texas. I married my High School sweetheart and we have been married for almost 31 years. I have a 29-year-old son, who is planning on making me a brand new Mother-in-Law in an April wedding. I also have a 25-year-old daughter who is the charmer of the family. I retired from work 2 years ago, when I was diagnosed with Lupus. Before retiring, I was a Regional Sales Manager in the plastic industries. 

June 16th, 2015 forever changed my life along with America. Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for Presidency. Not long after Mr. Trump’s announcement, when he spoke out about illegal immigration and the MSM, (Main Stream Media)  and Pundits were all attacking him, I said to myself, “There is our next President.”
When Mr. Trump said “illegal immigration”… he had me. In Texas, we know the real problems that you might not realize in other states. That moment was the moment I connected with him, and I said to myself finally someone running for President gets me.
 Let’s go back to 2012 campaign when Obama was running against Romney. I knew if Romney lost the election that all of Obama’s hope and change would not be for the better. Not for America anyway, just for HIMSELF! Do any of you remember the last debate between the two of them? Oh I do – I was screaming into my TV, “Bring up Benghazi!” Oh my! Romney folded. To me, that is what cost Romney the race. He was too scared to go there.
Well, Mr. Trump is not scared to go there. He has already pointed out so many things about the media and the pundits that are unprofessional, and so very true. But guess what? It works. He has brought up so much that has needed to be brought up. He has always supported our Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers, neither of whom ever get enough attention.
Just know that Mr. Trump wants to bring jobs back, wants to build a wall and stop illegal immigration. He wants to defund Obama care and give everyone great health insurance that they can actually afford. He wants lower taxes, especially  for the middle class.
Mr. Trump is the first candidate I have trusted in quite some time.
Finally, so many people that are undecided say, “Mr. Trump doesn’t give specifics on his policy.” Well, I disagree. I follow Mr. Trump, watch his rallies, and have read his policies. As a Momma and a business lady from Texas, you can trust what I’m saying. Just so you know, he speaks from the heart. He speaks for all Americans. He loves America, and guess what? America loves him right BACK! 

God Bless Mr. Trump! 

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