Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Supporting Trump

By Elizabeth Imus
Elizabeth currently works as a writer and 
producer in Hollywood, California.
Used with permission

 While Donald Trump may not be the most eloquent of speakers his accomplishments in the business world are incredibly impressive. When the Donald entered the race, I admit, I did not think he would ever become as popular as he is now. I was initially put-off by his inability to communicate his ideas specifically and effectively. I assumed, like many, he was the measure of his words. However, I honestly did not know much about Donald Trump other than what I have briefly seen in the press... and we all know our mainstream media are as reliable as an old pair of pantyhose.  

As I read more information and have seen interviews with Donald's children, I am continually impressed by the kind of man he is. This got me thinking about the old Proverb of judging a man by his deeds and not his words.

Personally speaking, a few very rotten people have hurt me in my life. Those creeps told me everything that I wanted to hear in order to gain my trust only to betray me when I no longer served their needs... and I'm sure that many of you have had similar experiences.

If we look at Trump’s words verses his actions, it's plainly clear that he has done far more good than has said anything bad. His intentions are in the right place. While I was concerned of Trumps motivation for power, I am far more concerned at the power financial donors and lobbyists have over the career politicians running. Not to mention the politicians who blatantly lie to Americans or openly admit they are socialists. That's how politicians have been managing our country for decades and is the reason why our country is in the dire circumstance it is today. The fact that the GOP Establishment is opposed to Donald Trump speaks volumes to me. There are many corrupt powerful men who are about to lose power when Donald Trump is elected President. How can anyone be for any establishment when it is the establishment who turned a blind eye to the needs of Americans again and again?

I'm not the only one who is tired of  flip-flopping-fish career politicians, making backdoor-deals and telling us everything we want to hear but doing very little of what is best for America. 

A tsumani-like movement has washed over America calling Americans into action!

You can see in Donald Trump's children, the love that their father has for them. His prudent, well tempered and wise parenting shows in their lives and actions. I believe Donald Trump has the same love for America, as opposed to people like Obama who hate and want to change what America is and stands for. Far too long, has our country been run by politicians who act like lazy parents, spoiling their children turning them into dependent servants. This, while Donald Trump is leaving the empire he built in the capable hands of his hardworking children so he can serve our great nation and Make America Great Again.

Many evangelical Christians are up in arms over Donald Trumps position on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. We must be reminded that God is our judge. God sent his Son Jesus to earth to be an example of his unconditional love and compassion for all!

It is impossible for any leader to save everyone. Only God can do that. We must pray that our leaders have the strength to govern as best they can. In the end, each of us will be held accountable for our actions. In the meantime, we must elect leaders who by their actions can do the most good, for as many people as possible. Voting for a leader who [was formerly] pro choice is not approving that choice. There is so much suffering with the people alive on earth today that if we elect a leader who can fix those things first, the rest will come later. It is not our place to judge or fix things it our responsibility to live as examples of what we believe.

Our country is bleeding and we must elect a leader who can heal our wounds, 
restore our health and get us all back to work. 

God will take care of the rest.

It makes me sad to see all the hyenas that have jumped on the bandwagon making fun of both Donald Trump’s and Sarah Palin’s words. If you write out Sarah Palin’s speeches and format it as poetry, it reads beautifully.

I'm currently reading Sarah Palin’s book, Sweet Freedom. It's a daily devotional that encourages us, among many things, to pray for our leaders. Sarah Palin has a heart of gold and her love for this country is evident. Imagine what YOUR family would look like if the media decided to print every happening. The verbal backlash Americans are giving the Palins reminds me of radical Muslims stoning to death those they disagree with.   

This makes it imperative that we pray for those who slander unfairly. When we engage in Twitter discussions, ask God to speak through us. Find ways to communicate compassion and love while making your points. It is far easier to call someone an idiot, I sadly know for a fact. If we want to restore our great nation we must do so with love and compassion.

When you look at each candidate ask yourselves, who really loves this country and wants to preserve the principals for which it was founded and who wants to fundamentally change it? Some people think that some things in our country need to be changed but the reality is, it has changed, and it needs to be changed back.

Ever since our founding fathers turned their back on tyranny and put a stop to dictatorship by coming to America, the dictators have been coming after them. Attacking our freedom and way of life has been a constant. They have succeeded to the point of where we are today. Our Constitution is being eroded away bit by bit until soon there will be little left. Our leaders are so out of control and corrupt that we have little, if no control at all.

It's time to break this fraudulent system of government, take back our country in honor of those brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, and give our children (like Donald’s) a future they can take over and run for us. 

This is why I am now supporting Donald Trump and I hope you will join me.

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