Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Romney didn't have the spine to win.

By Sherry Crawford
Entrepreneur. Political Activist. Las Vegas 
Ronald Reagan was my idol and my first dabbling in politics; I was born in Ft Bragg, NC then raised in the mid west Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. The first time I voted for president of the United States was for Ronald Reagan, thus, launching my curious mind in politics. Since then I've been volunteering for various candidates through out the years.

The Republican Party has alienated free-thinking independent businesswomen and many others. I feel our party is now far removed from our conservative values it is founded on. I quit the party and registered as an independent in 2008 when John McCain lost to Obama. I just felt the GOP wasn’t representing my thoughts, wants, needs, and desires for our party, let alone our country.

In 2012, after 4 years of Obama and watching our country’s values, economy, and worldly statue diminish… and watching the racial divide and immigration flourish along with soaring welfare and our declining military… I came back to the Republican Party and volunteered for Mitt Romney.  I worked feverishly and really thought he was a good man and was up for the job. Then came the debates and he just wimped out. He didn't have the spine to WIN.

Now, 3 years later our country is in horrible state of emergency. Our borders barely exist, racial divide is out of control, our economy is about to burst big time, our military is barely there in comparison to the past. We are laughed at in other parts of the world.

We need a strong President to bring our country back where we can live safely again.

I have been following Donald Trump since 1982 when I read The Art of the Deal in 83 or 84. I thought he was the most brilliant businessman I'd ever read. I've followed him the past 30 something years. When Donald Trump announced his presidency, I heard a new “Ronald Reagan” speak. I've been working feverishly to get the word out to everyone but primarily to women  - women who care about our country, care about our children, care about our grandchildren and what it will be like for them. It's not a pretty picture. American is going to hell in a hand basket. 

Donald Trump is a little brusque and impatient. He's a New Yorker. He's a little unpolished in his speeches & a little gruff in his language.  Yet, in all of that, he's a man that loves our country and he is sincere in offering to help fix what ails it. He feels, as I do, that we are losing our country and our values. He's a tuff, tuff man. He's a fighter and he's willing to fight for us. He is the only candidate that is not in it for the money. He's not in it to be famous. He's not in it to make the government bigger. He's in it to WIN IT and to make our country great again for his children and grandchildren.

I haven't been this excited since I voted for Ronald Reagan! Please, join us in our fight! 

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