Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Political Journey: From Cruz to Trump

By Blair Gubernath
History Major and Veteran'm no one. I'm everyone and I support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.  A LOT of my friends KNOW how conservative I am.  Which is why they are beyond perplexed even angered that I support a “Non Constitutionalist” like Donald Trump. I disagree.  Trump is VERY much a Constitutionalist and a patriot.

Let me start at the beginning. 

I used to be a very passionate and emphatic Ted Cruz supporter.  Until.  I wasn't. 

I wasn't just a keyboard warrior for Ted. I actually donated to his senate campaign when he was running in Texas and his Presidential campaign.  I spoke to other people about Senator Cruz or, actually, it may have bordered on evangelical testimony. A family member who has worked in the Congress for 25 years arranged for me to meet and spend some time with the Senator in his office. I was very excited especially considering how busy he was.  I was proud to have met him and was planning my next meeting.  So WHAT could have caused such a Cruz enthusiast to have such a drastic change of heart? 

Ted Cruz.  Or rather it was my realization, that the Ted Cruz I wanted him to be, was not the Ted Cruz he actually was.  Once the scales fell from my eyes, I saw a calculating, truth challenged, equivocating politician not ready for prime time. 

It was like discovering the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.  But, I blame myself.  Ever since I voted for Reagan I have been looking for that one person who I believed embodied, the unwavering attitude of love of country with intestinal fortitude to steer the country back in the right direction.  Then Trump entered the race. My first reaction when Donald Trump announced his campaign was laughter.  I was like "Oh yeah sure...who's next Howard Stern?"  Yet, in his announcement he did say something that was of concern to me as a Texan. Control of the border. Still I dismissed Trump as nothing more than entertainment.  Simultaneously I started to read about Cruz's attitudes toward Visas for foreigner workers. [note of full disclosure:  My husband is a German national and is here on a green card.]

Cruz justified his desire to increase the amount of Visas given to foreign workers under the guise of his father was an immigrant.  
Well, if we are to be technically correct Cruz HIMSELF is an immigrant. But I digress.  

I am not anti immigrant or foreigners coming to work in our country. I'm married to one. 
As long as assimilation is part of the process and the numbers of such workers are kept low then by all means.  Yet this is the antithesis of what Cruz was proposing.  As I mentioned, he wanted to significantly increase the numbers of skilled foreign workers coming to this country. And not skilled workers coming from Western Europe or Australia.  No. He was advocating for foreigners from Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Pakistan.  I do not have to spell out the common denominator of what these countries have in common.  Let's just say that assimilation into the American way of life is not something they do well.  Just look at Dearborn Michigan. 

Also there was Cruz's active support for TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) with the help of Congressman Paul Ryan who at that time was the House Ways and Means Chairman. 
I could go on and on about the things I discovered on Senator Cruz's true record, but that's not what this opinion piece is about. 

It IS about how I came to completely throw off the shackles of the political establishment and LOVE the Trump.

At what point did I decide to go all in for Trump?  I don't know it was a gradual transition.  I like to pride myself on having an open mind...though not SO open that my brains fall out.  Yet the things he was saying...I nodded my head vigorously in agreement.  (While still trying to maintain my loyalty to Cruz.)

The borders HAVE to be secured, Trump kept reiterating.  And when Trump received push back from the media, I stood up and cheered at the way he doubled down and gave the proverbial middle finger to the establishment. 

He was starting to win me over.  I'm a Texan and all that that entails. Which means I like a person who has the courage to speak his mind when what's coming out of his mouth is not so popular.  While there is NO WAY IN HECK I support the socialist Bernie Sanders, it is what I appreciate about him as well. A few more weeks passed and I really started to pay attention to what Trump was saying.  His speeches were a rambling stream of political consciousness, at least, in the beginning.  But it was refreshing to see someone giving a political speech and not being tied to stale old one-liners that they had memorized like lines in a movie. Then came the debate with Megyn Kelly who, out of nowhere and quite unexpected, practically accused Trump of being the sole perpetrator of The War on Women, but as Trump so deftly put it, “only with Rosie O'Donnell.” 

Win!  Winning! Won!  Loved it!  With his quintessential Trump humor, The Donald took down Megyn, Rosie O'Donnell and the establishment AT THE SAME TIME!!  SCORE!!!
 Ironically it is the essence of Trump that causes such contempt and condescension among the establishment and the saintly Cruz supporters.  It was one of the many things that unified Hillary and Jeb!  As if anyone needed any other examples to remind them of the one mindedness of the “Republicrats.” 
Tone.  We must be mindful of the tone.  And as “Jeb!” has been saying for months now, you can't insult and curse your way into the White House.  Well, apparently, you can. [note: Any Trump supporter who has had any engagement with the establishment and certain Godly Cruz supporters know of what I speak.  They are virulent, strident, Puritans.  

There are times when I want to put the words Sarah Good in front of their names and hand them a copy of The Crucible. 

I have been unfriended by scores of them who have come on MY Facebook page and read me the riot act for supporting Trump to the point where they explain in very unambiguous terms I am NOT a conservative, I am NOT a Christian, and I will burn in hell. Once more...I digress]  As the months have passed and I gave my full support to Donald Trump, which at certain times even now still sounds so odd when I say it out loud, I know WHY I'm supporting him.  

I am supporting Donald Trump because he wants to seal the border and protect and DEFINE the integrity our nation.  I am supporting him because he wants to remove the internal threats up to and including some politicians who coddle menacing dangers. 
I am supporting him because he wants to balance trade with nations that have taken advantage of our weak leadership and therefore have taken away jobs from this country by the millions.  I am supporting him because he wants to strengthen the military that has become decimated by the current administration not JUST because of attrition but because of social experimentation.

I am supporting him because he wants to give back to the courageous young men and women who confidently went into harms way FOR THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN and left a piece of their bodies and spirit on the battlefield.  

I am supporting him because he speaks about the calamity that would prevail if the government removes guns from the hands of private citizens. It is as he's chipping away at the freedoms of Americans. I am supporting him because he wants to END Obamacare and create a more viable and sustainable health care that works WITH the private sector as well as the government programs ALREADY in place. I am supporting him because he wants to lower the debt and deficit that we have saddled with IRON RIVETS on to our children and their children and their children.  

I support Donald J. Trump because he LOVES this country is not taking a damn dime from ANY special interest group and is owned by NO ONE except the American people.  If this is not constitutional and is not American then I think there is a problem with the understanding of what IS Constitutional and what IS American!!  

My name is Blair Gubernath and I approve this message. 

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