Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"It's the economy...."

By Sara Galliano
Grant Writer

I believe that Donald Trump will be our next President. He exhibits passion, commitment and the business mindset needed to  guide our country out of debt and into a stronger position.

We need a strong leader that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and whom wastes time renaming mountains while the country is making bad deals with Iran, immigration isn't being addressed, and our law enforcement is under attack.

Trump is committed to revitalizing our military and bringing adequate health care, housing and funding for our Veterans. Trump has a plan to destroy ISIS and is smart enough not to share the plan with them on national television. 

Trump has consistently supported women in the business field. To quote a Vice President at the Trump Organization, “There are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male. Plus, women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts, are actually paid more.” Trump owned the Miss Universe pageant giving thousands of women over the years an opportunity to showcase their brains, not just their beauty. Many of these women received scholarships, participated in non-profit activities and go on to do something amazing with their lives because of the opportunity Trump provided.

Trump has raised a family, taking pride in the accomplishments of all his children and empowered his daughters to be successful. His children do not drink or smoke, or use any type of drugs nor do they have criminal records. There is no history of mental health issues.

Trump's accomplishments and heart is often tarnished by the media but talk to the bystander who helped with his limo’s flat tire and he will tell you, Trump paid off his mortgage as a thank you. Talk to the NY VETS parade goers and they will tell you who provided the funds to save that organization. Talk to Wounded Warriors or the solider left to rot in the Mexican prison or the family of the soldiers who were told they could get no burial expenses... Trump was the one who made an impact. Trump has been helping Vets for over 40 years with private donations and donations from his foundation. Speak to the St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital about their new 28 million dollar pledge by the Eric Trump Foundation.

People are quick to point out when Donald Trump says something that’s not politically correct but they fail to point out everything he does out of kindness and his Christian upbringing. Some say Trump isn't a politician and that he won't work well with everyone. Let me remind you, he was a businessman rubbing elbows with both sides long before he decided to run. He knows more about politics and working both sides of the aisle than anyone else in the race. He will work well with foreign leaders just like he has all of his adult life building in their countries and making investments.

Trump has the IQ of a genius and wants to apply his knowledge and skill set to Make America Great Again for Americans! He wants to use his last years on Earth to make a difference. He doesn't want a Presidential salary of $400,000 a year for the rest of his life and doesn't need it. Look at all the other rich politicians and ask them to give up their salary, it won't be the same fight to win. Ask the others to give up super pacs and put their money where their mouth is and the only one standing will be Trump.

His drive for America is fueled by passion and knowing his legacy will be leaving behind a country in better shape than it has been in decades. Trump will make America Great for our children’s future. Any mother who wants job security, less stress, better national security and straightforward politics for her children; will choose Trump as President.

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