Sunday, February 14, 2016

I am the Silent Majority

By Kambree Nelson, Business Owner

Donald Trump - he’s the man who captured the worlds attention. Democrats, feminists, and Republicans hate him. The first time I heard Donald Trump speak about the issues this country is facing, I immediately knew without a DOUBT that he would start a revolution! Prior to Trump I never gave a thought about voting.

Growing up, I lived in Texas and Hawaii, where one dominant party always won. I never felt like my vote mattered.

My first taste of politics happened in 2014. I was sitting with my aunty on my Lanai in Honolulu, Hawaii. She started telling me a disturbing story about a 30-meter Telescope being built on sacred land, atop Mauna Kea on Hawaii Island. A movement started to stop this from happening. I got involved and soon it became “the people vs. the government.” I saw a great deal of corruption due to power and money. I waited for someone (politician) to step in and speak up to protect the land. But no one came. The locals have held off TMT by way of the Supreme Court - but the battle has just started. 

In 2015 I moved to Southern California. My children were told at their new school they could not wear a cross necklace and God is not to be mentioned. When our President started supporting the Middle East over Americans, I knew we had a problem.

I am the silent majority. I am a smart, educated business woman who is voting for Mr. Trump. He is not a career politician; he is not a bought politician. He will work on behalf of the American people and NOT those who throw money at him for THEIR agenda. He is the biggest advocate for the American people and he’s fighting tooth and nail to keep make America great again, using his own money.

Mr. Trump exhibits leadership and business skills that can bring our country out of debt, and make us powerful again. We are no longer safe. We have a government that does not listen or care about the safety of the American people. Mr. Trump has stated that his main job as top commander is to work for the people of the United States before all else.

I am voting for Donald Trump because he is a man that will not allow other ountries to mess with America. No one can bully Mr. Trump. That’s why he’s one of the most powerful people in the world. He is a force to be reckoned with and that is how he will lead our country. Donald Trump is a man who can bridge the gap between the left and the right. Common sense is alive and well again and political correctness is out the window. Call him edgy or say he’s not conservative enough - it doesn’t matter. Its time to put America’s safety, constitution, families, freedom, military, and our veterans FIRST. Let’s set personal issues aside. Open your eyes and take a hard look at who is fighting for YOU. Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump will Make America Great Again.


  1. Kambree Once Again You Have Proven...You Are A Warrior Chick!!!
    Say it Like It Is!!!

  2. Typo... Last paragraph::
    "I am voting for Donald Trump because he is a man that will not allow other ountries to mess with America. No one can bully Mr. Trump."

  3. Well done. Your pragmatic approach is impressive.

  4. Well done. Your pragmatic approach is impressive.

  5. Where in Hawaii did Nelson grow up? She's not a local girl and its so wrong for her to co-opt kanaka maoli politics for her own gain. Trump and his policies would only further undermine kanaka maoli efforts at self determination and indicates that Nelson either doesn't know what she is talking about or is purposely fabricating a background from which she wishes to foment war on Americans who don't think like her. Please, ask Nelson to stop pretending to be kanaka maoli and leave us out of her pitiful political play. Aue!