Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Donald J Trump changed my life

 By Sabine Durden. Activist
My only child, my son Dominic was killed July 12, 2012. Since his murder I have been trying to share his story and bring awareness to the problem of illegal immigration. Most mainstream media outlets wouldn't talk to me, and the few that did tried to downplay the issue. I wanted my late son to have a voice but I wasn't being heard. I was so distraught and I lost all hope in ever being able to continue my son’s legacy and prevent others from feeling this kind of grief and pain. I became more depressed and hopeless.

On July 10, 2015 I received a call and was asked if I would like to meet Mr. Trump in Beverly Hills. He met a few of us parents who lost their kids because of an illegal alien, without media present or his bodyguards - Just him and us – the grieving families. We got to share our kids’ lives and stories. He gave us all the time we needed. We cried and laughed together and I knew my life had forever changed at that moment.

After 1.5 hours of sharing he asked if we wanted to share our stories with the world. Another room was set up for the media and we finally got to share what we all have been going through. After that day, I received many calls from different large media outlets like CNN, Fox, MSNBC and many others and went on to continue telling about my amazing son and the sad fact how our Government doesn't enforce our current Immigration laws and continues to put all US citizens at risk. Mr. Trump became my hero that day and he still is. 

He is not politically correct and he speaks his mind. He says it how it is and doesn't sugar coat it. He is a fresh breath of air in an all too stiff and rigid political arena, and most of all, he can't be bought. He speaks up for us - the people - and you can trust me on this - he cares deeply.

Sabine's only child was killed by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.
He had a Felony Armed Robbery conviction and 2 previous DUIs. No driver’s license. No Insurance.
Sabine is a Legal Immigrant from Germany. Dominic was a 9-1-1 Dispatcher.
He was riding his motorcycle to work when he was killed. Dominic was a volunteer 1st Responder with over 10,000 hours of volunteer time.

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  1. Trump's been around too long and done so many things and they STILL can't get anything on him.