Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bragging Rights Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, Author of the explosive true story: 
Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker
When I was a girl, my mother repeatedly said “SPS” – self praise stinks. Not sure where she got it, but I’m guessing it was a sentiment passed down from her parents, old school folks who, no doubt, viewed bragging as brash and inappropriate. Looking back, I’d say they were half right. Self praise has its place, especially where it is directly tied to self confidence. Enter Donald J. Trump, a man with an endless supply of self praise. Heck, had I been like him, I might well have spared myself a 2-decade long harrowing legal battle with my former government employer that nearly sent me off the deep end.

Albeit an exemplary employee, I lacked the confidence – and, at that age, the savvy – to navigate the sea of chauvinist pigs who set out on a path of vengeance that altered the course of my life forever. Had I been of Trump’s ilk, and had they been of his, I’d likely have avoided a nightmare that raped me of the American Dream.

Donald J Trump needs no help promoting himself, after all, he’s usually the first to rattle off his long list of accomplishments. But why not? He’s worked his tail off his entire life, gainfully employing countless people, and entertaining the masses to boot. But there are the detractors, the jealous and/or uppity folks who see Trump as nothing more than a side show of sorts, an
obnoxious, audacious, sexist, and, as of late, man of ‘New York Values’, rather than a serious presidential candidate. How foolish. What his detractors fail to realize is that not only is Trump one of the most accomplished men on the planet, but that there is another side to this bombastic billionaire, a more humanistic side he chooses to keep safely under wraps perhaps, as though, to maintain his New York tough guy persona.

As a pragmatist, Donald J Trump employs those who help achieve and maintain the ‘yuge’ success of his business empire. This includes countless women. Trump adores women! Not only has he married three (admitting to this being his Achilles’ heel) but he also employs them. Lots of them. And unlike Hillary (or Obama), he treats them as they deserve to be treated: according to merit, not gender. As if this needs to be said, Donald J Trump is a business mogul. He didn’t become one by discriminating against or demeaning women. Any successful businessperson will tell you that it is pragmatism, not sexism, that turns a profit.

The truth about Trump is that when it comes right down to it, he is a man of admirable character, a man whose humility shows through his innumerable good deeds, the stuff about which he does not boast. Case in point: when Jerry Falwell Jr endorsed Trump, he told of how Trump’s limo broke down on the side of the road and how a family stopped to help. How did he thank them? He paid off their mortgage the following day.  

Most recently, at the New Hampshire debate when ABC completely flubbed the intros, leaving Dr Ben Carson uncomfortably floundering side stage, Trump, whose name was called to the podium, stayed behind with the doc while the other candidates – some snickering and making quizzical facial gestures – brushed by him in a rush to take their spots. These are not the traits of a narcissist, of a man too self-absorbed to occupy The Whitehouse but rather a man who, when it all comes down to it, possesses not only strong, instinctive leadership skills, but the loyalty to, well, yes, Make American Great Again.

I want to close by saying that as a woman with great self respect, a woman who has been through hell and back suing her former employer for sex discrimination, a story so harrowing and so unbelievable it will make blood shoot out of your eyes, I wholeheartedly support Donald J Trump. Yes, Donald J Trump, the man without a filter who, albeit a bit over the top, has every right to boast whilst interviewing for the most important job of one’s lifetime. Donald J Trump, a man with impeccable skills and the humility to match, not only deserves to toot his own horn, but to be the 45th president of these amazing United States of America, the country that I love.

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