Wednesday, February 17, 2016

American Spirit

By Teresa Becher
Civil Engineer

 I’ve never been the politically correct one; I’ve been the honest one. At times, maybe not the tactful one, but the one who tries to give a sincere and honest response to a question. I’ve been the one to jump in to solve problems, problems that weren’t necessarily mine. You may ask why; it’s simply my love of others. This is why I support Trump.

Trump has made the difficult choice to set aside his personal goals and solve America’s problems because of his love for the United States of America and its future generations. Trump has continuously displayed intellect, strength, courage, and a strong work ethic to place American Citizens First. He has renewed the American Spirit by taking a stand for the hard working individual citizens’ rights for freedom and prosperity that today have long been forgotten in Washington. Trump is breaking the cycle of despair in our hearts and minds; he champions the goal of not giving up through his passionate and courageous American Spirit.  Trump has a Real Love of America who advocates and defends those that have bravely served and are serving our country both as an individual and collectively in the military. 

Trump has shown to the people that he is willing to take action to restore America, a willingness to right the wrongs, to heal our nation from the corruption, and the resolve and determination to Make America Great Again!

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