Wednesday, February 17, 2016

All in For Trump

By Amy Moreno, Graphic Designer & Marketing Pro

I’m a “go big or go home” type of person. Once I make up my mind to support someone or something, I’m all in.

I did my homework and researched the candidates and, as a result, of that intense and thorough research, I realized that my brief political flirtation with Ted Cruz was over. He is not the type of candidate that I can get behind. He’s far too dependent on corporate donors. I feel his involvement with H1B’s is very troublesome – and to make matters worse, I thought his “poison pill” excuse was silly. I’m also concerned about his legal status to run for office – and the ONLY way we’d get to the bottom of that particular matter is after the Democrats dragged it through a prolonged court fiasco.

No thanks.

I connected with Trump on many key issues such as immigration, trade, jobs, and “refugees.” But one issue in particular really caught my attention. Political correctness.

I truly believe that this country is being choked to death by political correctness, or as I like to call it, “Social Marxism.” It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives from work, school, entertainment politics, you name it - political correctness has permeated the very fiber of our being. It’s eating away at the heart of who we are as a country. People are afraid to express themselves for fear of being labeled racist, sexist, and cruel or whatever the “offense dujour” happens to be. When Trump came along and began speaking candidly on so-called taboo subjects like illegals, trade, and radical Islam, which have been quietly swept under the rug by both parties, I instantly took notice.

Many people claim to be offended by Trump’s “bombastic approach.” I’m not – because I realize that when you have ventured so far off course like we have, you occasionally need to make a very sharp turn in order to get back on track. In other words, Trump isn’t some unhinged madman spewing hate and vitriol. He’s actually quite normal. The people who are offended by Trump’s “words” or “phrases” have been knowingly or unknowingly indoctrinated into the PC way of life over the past eight or so years and are reacting according to that warped doctrine.

The political establishment on both sides of the aisle continues to propagate the PC movement. It’s about ultimate control and driving a particular agenda. That’s why establishment stiffs like Brit Hume are “appalled” by Trump -- because Trump isn’t following their politically correct rules -- he can’t be controlled or spoon-fed their open-border/globalist agenda so he is branded an enemy.

Trump is shaking up the status quo and the establishment is being brought to their knees. I relish watching them squirm, especially after eight years of broken promises, lies, and manipulation by the Republican Party. It’s high time they reap what they have sown.

I support Trump because he’s the lone voice of common sense in a world full of agenda-driven shills. I don’t care that he’s been married three times or that he invited the Clintons to his wedding. I care about today and I believe he is the right man for right now. His business savvy and commanding leadership skills are exactly what this country needs in order to
get back on track.

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