Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Addiction Changes Things

By Julia Woods Registered Dental Hygienist
I have two daughters. My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years. One daughter has chosen to live a life that is exemplary, healthy, and wholesome.  She’s married, has a career, and is everyone’s best friend.

The other daughter is a heroin addict. She’s been in rehab 5 times. She’s been in jail. She's nearly died more than once from overdosing. Including the birth of her own daughter, who I am raising, because she was born addicted. This isn't the life that my daughter wanted and we certainly didn't raise her in that environment.

Open borders have simply made it easier for drugs and criminals to enter our country. Obamacare hasn't helped. We've had to pay out of pocket for her treatment, which has cost a tremendous amount.

I remember when Trump gave Miss USA a second chance. He sent her to rehab instead of divesting her of the crown. For a man who has outstanding children to be able to have the understanding to give a young girl another chance -- well, it speaks to me. Trump has vision. He didn’t just dismiss the problem. He took it head on and he did it with compassion.

That’s the way he’s run his campaign. He confronts every issue. He doesn’t dance around it. He uses humor and he uses compassion. Although the press doesn’t show you that side, it’s still there.

It seems to me that people have erected walls in their minds. They keep out anything they don’t understand or that they don’t agree with. They label things that are a normal part of being a human as being an aggression, an offense, or a “new and improved” victimization. Trump is striding into those minds and kicking down the walls.  It’s causing a lot of screaming and hysteria but it’s just a bunch of noise.

I’ve gotten pretty good, over the years, about making judgment calls. Addicts are some of the best con artists on the planet. By now, I can generally tell when people are being dishonest. In fact, I’m a fighter on the front lines of reality.

I don’t believe Donald Trump is a misogynist. If he appears to be rude to the women running for President, it's because they are in a race to win the White House. He's exactly the same to the men in the race - blunt and to the point. From where I stand, it’s time to toughen up, Ladies, and stop grabbing for the smelling salts. The President has to be tough, driven, focused. The last one hasn’t been, so the next one needs to be. So do the people. American needs her backbone reinstalled and Trump knows where it’s been hidden. That’s good because the people have become so dumbed down they’re blind to anything but blaming one another.

How on earth can Hillary Clinton, who is so obviously a fraud, be anyone’s choice for president? She, not Trump, is the walking sandwich board advertising our most vivid national embarrassment.

I'm voting for Trump because of something he promised me and my family. He promised us that he will make America great again and I believe him. I believe he's a man of his word. If you can’t trust him just yet, I promise, you can trust me.

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