Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's rare to vote FOR someone.

By Kathyleen Sherrod, Communications Specialist

Trump the son, husband of three, father of five, international business man, author, political activist, generous benefactor, celebrity host, candidate for president. Multi-dimensional, a visionary who challenges himself first, refuses to let setbacks define him. He has a lifelong record of , head on, tackling problems against seemingly insurmountable odds. A few critics point out he has failed in business at times, yet don't report he rebounded and gained respect from employees and his adversaries in commerce. Yes, he has failed in marriages and rebounded, somehow with the support of previous wives and children; he has succeeded in pretty much everything else listed above. Yes, he has changed his mind on some issues. Who among us doesn't admire a person with an open mind to new facts and knowledge, who alters beliefs and opinions at the altar of Life Experience?
When he visits Palm Beach – the county where I live, he attends church, contributes to the community, and sets the standard for patriotism (the largest flag in the area flies above Mar-A-Lago). His critics on The Island cite he is from “new money,” though they adore his children. Many of those critics worshiped Bernie Madoff and lost millions from his scams. Trump, the self made billionaire, invested wisely and grew wealth as a result. I check his online sites, read his comments, and search
for the full rending of out-of-context quotes in various media. Why? All media edits according to the messages they want their audiences to buy into. Plus, there's only so much air time, only so many paragraphs the typical online consumer will read, and precious few hard-copy lines – editing is a requirement for “news.” Trump is straightforward, brash in the campaign (not during business negotiations, just the opposite, conciliatory and respectful until – or if – the time comes for him to walk away from bad deals or hammer for a better one). He has a way of bringing competing interests together and finding a solution that benefits his leading causes of business, philanthropy, and politics.
All of these contribute to why I changed my party affiliation from independent to GOP to vote for Trump in the Florida primary, and who I hope to cast a vote for him as president. It has been many years since I actually voted FOR someone and his visions for the nation. For the many reasons better articulated by others in the political arena, Trump will do everything he can, legally, to reinforce the foundations upon which the USA was envisioned, built and thrived – at least until recently.
He is not a perfect candidate. Show me one who is. He has not cheated or lied to get caucus votes; he has not accepted bribes (donations) from corporations; he has not bowed to Old Style Politicos from the GOP, media or PAC contributors. He is listening to a swath of this country long ignored and stepped over: women, veterans, blue collar workers, families, young people aiming for success, Christians, Jews, and so on. He knows the underbelly of Wall Street and where onerous
loopholes are that must be closed. The same may be said of international leaders in commerce and politics. As a woman, I respect a true leader (regardless of gender) who'll use the full range of his talents, experiences and visions to make me proud of the USA again. At the moment, I am confused and disheartened, fearful that the deceitful political machines – including all forms of media and establishment politicians – will distort Trump's place in history and deny us the fruits of his destiny.
We had many years of " I say what they want to hear to get what I want " politicians and I believe it's time for a change to Make America Great Again.

Kathyleen Sherrod

A career in communications — from NBC affiliate, to independent Florida Newspaper, to US Congress and for trade/lobbying groups.Earned national, state and industry journalism awards, using news reporting as a platform for strategic political communications in Washington, D.C. Eight years in U.S. Congress; as media analyst/news editor for 1980, 1984 and 2000 presidential campaigns; Peace Corps headquarters in Reagan administration; the first communications director for the biotechnology industry; advertising and PR executive, and VP of communications for the replacement union to PATCO. Personal interests: animal and environmental advocate, activist for fiscally conservative  political candidates though politically independent because no political checks all my issues of interest or my positions regarding them.

Supporting Trump

By Elizabeth Imus
Elizabeth currently works as a writer and 
producer in Hollywood, California.
Used with permission

 While Donald Trump may not be the most eloquent of speakers his accomplishments in the business world are incredibly impressive. When the Donald entered the race, I admit, I did not think he would ever become as popular as he is now. I was initially put-off by his inability to communicate his ideas specifically and effectively. I assumed, like many, he was the measure of his words. However, I honestly did not know much about Donald Trump other than what I have briefly seen in the press... and we all know our mainstream media are as reliable as an old pair of pantyhose.  

As I read more information and have seen interviews with Donald's children, I am continually impressed by the kind of man he is. This got me thinking about the old Proverb of judging a man by his deeds and not his words.

Personally speaking, a few very rotten people have hurt me in my life. Those creeps told me everything that I wanted to hear in order to gain my trust only to betray me when I no longer served their needs... and I'm sure that many of you have had similar experiences.

If we look at Trump’s words verses his actions, it's plainly clear that he has done far more good than has said anything bad. His intentions are in the right place. While I was concerned of Trumps motivation for power, I am far more concerned at the power financial donors and lobbyists have over the career politicians running. Not to mention the politicians who blatantly lie to Americans or openly admit they are socialists. That's how politicians have been managing our country for decades and is the reason why our country is in the dire circumstance it is today. The fact that the GOP Establishment is opposed to Donald Trump speaks volumes to me. There are many corrupt powerful men who are about to lose power when Donald Trump is elected President. How can anyone be for any establishment when it is the establishment who turned a blind eye to the needs of Americans again and again?

I'm not the only one who is tired of  flip-flopping-fish career politicians, making backdoor-deals and telling us everything we want to hear but doing very little of what is best for America. 

A tsumani-like movement has washed over America calling Americans into action!

You can see in Donald Trump's children, the love that their father has for them. His prudent, well tempered and wise parenting shows in their lives and actions. I believe Donald Trump has the same love for America, as opposed to people like Obama who hate and want to change what America is and stands for. Far too long, has our country been run by politicians who act like lazy parents, spoiling their children turning them into dependent servants. This, while Donald Trump is leaving the empire he built in the capable hands of his hardworking children so he can serve our great nation and Make America Great Again.

Many evangelical Christians are up in arms over Donald Trumps position on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. We must be reminded that God is our judge. God sent his Son Jesus to earth to be an example of his unconditional love and compassion for all!

It is impossible for any leader to save everyone. Only God can do that. We must pray that our leaders have the strength to govern as best they can. In the end, each of us will be held accountable for our actions. In the meantime, we must elect leaders who by their actions can do the most good, for as many people as possible. Voting for a leader who [was formerly] pro choice is not approving that choice. There is so much suffering with the people alive on earth today that if we elect a leader who can fix those things first, the rest will come later. It is not our place to judge or fix things it our responsibility to live as examples of what we believe.

Our country is bleeding and we must elect a leader who can heal our wounds, 
restore our health and get us all back to work. 

God will take care of the rest.

It makes me sad to see all the hyenas that have jumped on the bandwagon making fun of both Donald Trump’s and Sarah Palin’s words. If you write out Sarah Palin’s speeches and format it as poetry, it reads beautifully.

I'm currently reading Sarah Palin’s book, Sweet Freedom. It's a daily devotional that encourages us, among many things, to pray for our leaders. Sarah Palin has a heart of gold and her love for this country is evident. Imagine what YOUR family would look like if the media decided to print every happening. The verbal backlash Americans are giving the Palins reminds me of radical Muslims stoning to death those they disagree with.   

This makes it imperative that we pray for those who slander unfairly. When we engage in Twitter discussions, ask God to speak through us. Find ways to communicate compassion and love while making your points. It is far easier to call someone an idiot, I sadly know for a fact. If we want to restore our great nation we must do so with love and compassion.

When you look at each candidate ask yourselves, who really loves this country and wants to preserve the principals for which it was founded and who wants to fundamentally change it? Some people think that some things in our country need to be changed but the reality is, it has changed, and it needs to be changed back.

Ever since our founding fathers turned their back on tyranny and put a stop to dictatorship by coming to America, the dictators have been coming after them. Attacking our freedom and way of life has been a constant. They have succeeded to the point of where we are today. Our Constitution is being eroded away bit by bit until soon there will be little left. Our leaders are so out of control and corrupt that we have little, if no control at all.

It's time to break this fraudulent system of government, take back our country in honor of those brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, and give our children (like Donald’s) a future they can take over and run for us. 

This is why I am now supporting Donald Trump and I hope you will join me.

Brains. Beauty. Trump.

By Kelly Briana
Grad Student

I am a woman who is an educated and informed graduate student and I am voting for Donald J. Trump. Our beloved nation is sinking fast due to Obama and his minions destroying her, and demonizing Americans. I was running out of hope until Donald Trump came into the picture. The one concerning issue I have is the massive illegal immigration policies that Obama has unethically implemented which has made our country more dangerous than ever. When Donald Trump spoke about this and said he was going to build a wall and secure our borders, I thought, “This is who will save America!” As a Wisconsinite, I was a fan of Governor Scott Walker, but unfortunately he was not tough enough on reaching the American people on the issues that needed the most attention, such as illegal immigration. What I also love about Trump is that he ‘tells it like it is’ and is politically incorrect. Trump has done many great things for our heroes, our veterans, and he will take good care of them when he becomes the president. Donald Trump is a rare gem because unlike the GOP, he has stood up and grasped the frustration of the American people. He understands our anger of what has happened to our once great nation. Donald Trump gives many Americans real hope in saving America. I truly believe that Donald Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Vote Trump 2016! 

Vets For Trump

By Eva White 
Former US Army, Nurse

Donald Trump reminds me of my son when he was younger. I would get so frustrated with my son bringing home poor grades, while at the same time being told by his teachers that he was very intelligent and way ahead of the other students in his class. One day I got called in for a parent teacher conference regarding my son's algebra grade. As I sat there looking at his paper, I wanted to cry. Once again he had made an "F".  The teacher explained that my son refused to follow instructions that stated he must show his work and that writing down an answer was unacceptable. I told her I didn't understand why he didn’t because I was sure he knew what he was doing.

My son had been sitting there listening quietly when he suddenly said, "Because I'm right mom."
I replied, “What do you mean Jake?”
My son said, "ALL of my answers are right."
I looked at his teacher and asked if he was telling the truth -- were all of his answers correct?
His teacher looked down at his paper and then back up at me. 
She said, "Yes, his answers are right but that's not the point. He has to follow the rules and show me how he got the right answer."
My frustration was building and I asked my son, “Why don't you just show your work, and make an ‘A’?”
Jake said, "Mom, I don't have time. I just want to get it done and get it right. I can explain it to her later if she needs me to but I know I'm right."

That was pretty much the end of that. Except you might want to know my son was accepted into ACU for Aeronautical Engineering when he graduated from High School. (Ahem. That's where we get Rocket Scientists.) 

I hear what Donald Trump is saying and I understand that kind of brain. He has a plan, he knows it is right, he just doesn't have time to explain it in detail right now. He gives Americans bits and pieces of his plan but then he moves on to his next topic because in his mind he has already figured it out. He can't afford to waste time with explaining the small details because he sees another problem that needs solving.

Yes, it would be nice to see his work, step by step but he has a proven track record of getting the answers right. When he's made mistakes in the past, he figures it out and finds another way to effectively solve the problem. He doesn’t linger there. When he has realized he was wrong on an issue he says so and moves on. He doesn't need to beat a dead horse. He buries it and moves forward.

These are traits that I admire. As a person who has made many mistakes in my past, I could sit and waste time dwelling them or I can get up and move past it. I choose to be more effective in my present day life and let the past go. Donald Trump appears to feel the same way and I get it. I see how successful his businesses are and I understand that in order to have built his businesses in all the countries that he has, he apparently has a much calmer demeanor when he needs too. I doubt he would have his businesses around the world if he didn't have a professional attitude when it is necessary. So, I am not concerned with his brashness or inappropriate comments on the campaign trail.

As for people saying he isn't a proven Conservative, I say let's give him a chance to prove himself. Looking at the success he has had with his children, I think if they are any indication of his morals, values or beliefs, America couldn't possibly do any better. Sure, there are people who may be more politically correct and maybe their knowledge of the Constitution is greater but I have no doubt that as President, Donald Trump will surround himself with nothing but the most knowledgeable people. He demands excellence in the people who work for him and with him. When I hear him say he watches the Generals on TV to get some of his information, I am impressed. These retired Generals are the EXPERTS in their field. Why would anyone NOT listen to them? Sure, he could read the newspapers but why would he choose to learn from a journalist over a person who has been on the ground and in the trenches? We must remember that, as an outsider, he doesn’t have the clearance or access that others already have obtained.  Once he’s elected, he’ll be far more informed just by the nature of the job. This is a man that already wakes up every morning at 4 or 5 am to read reports and news.

Donald Trump has a reason for everything he does, most often by the time we figure out the reason; he has completed his mission and moved on. That is whom I want as President of the United States of America -- Someone who is way ahead of the rest of us.

Former SSG US Army, Nurse (Specialty: Mental Health/psych), Mother of 3 amazing children, Nana to 3 angels. Married to my Best friend. Living a Blessed Life.

Texas for Trump

By Penny Bishop
Regional Sales Manager

I am 50 year old and I come from the great state of Texas. I married my High School sweetheart and we have been married for almost 31 years. I have a 29-year-old son, who is planning on making me a brand new Mother-in-Law in an April wedding. I also have a 25-year-old daughter who is the charmer of the family. I retired from work 2 years ago, when I was diagnosed with Lupus. Before retiring, I was a Regional Sales Manager in the plastic industries. 

June 16th, 2015 forever changed my life along with America. Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for Presidency. Not long after Mr. Trump’s announcement, when he spoke out about illegal immigration and the MSM, (Main Stream Media)  and Pundits were all attacking him, I said to myself, “There is our next President.”
When Mr. Trump said “illegal immigration”… he had me. In Texas, we know the real problems that you might not realize in other states. That moment was the moment I connected with him, and I said to myself finally someone running for President gets me.
 Let’s go back to 2012 campaign when Obama was running against Romney. I knew if Romney lost the election that all of Obama’s hope and change would not be for the better. Not for America anyway, just for HIMSELF! Do any of you remember the last debate between the two of them? Oh I do – I was screaming into my TV, “Bring up Benghazi!” Oh my! Romney folded. To me, that is what cost Romney the race. He was too scared to go there.
Well, Mr. Trump is not scared to go there. He has already pointed out so many things about the media and the pundits that are unprofessional, and so very true. But guess what? It works. He has brought up so much that has needed to be brought up. He has always supported our Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers, neither of whom ever get enough attention.
Just know that Mr. Trump wants to bring jobs back, wants to build a wall and stop illegal immigration. He wants to defund Obama care and give everyone great health insurance that they can actually afford. He wants lower taxes, especially  for the middle class.
Mr. Trump is the first candidate I have trusted in quite some time.
Finally, so many people that are undecided say, “Mr. Trump doesn’t give specifics on his policy.” Well, I disagree. I follow Mr. Trump, watch his rallies, and have read his policies. As a Momma and a business lady from Texas, you can trust what I’m saying. Just so you know, he speaks from the heart. He speaks for all Americans. He loves America, and guess what? America loves him right BACK! 

God Bless Mr. Trump! 

"It's the economy...."

By Sara Galliano
Grant Writer

I believe that Donald Trump will be our next President. He exhibits passion, commitment and the business mindset needed to  guide our country out of debt and into a stronger position.

We need a strong leader that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and whom wastes time renaming mountains while the country is making bad deals with Iran, immigration isn't being addressed, and our law enforcement is under attack.

Trump is committed to revitalizing our military and bringing adequate health care, housing and funding for our Veterans. Trump has a plan to destroy ISIS and is smart enough not to share the plan with them on national television. 

Trump has consistently supported women in the business field. To quote a Vice President at the Trump Organization, “There are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male. Plus, women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts, are actually paid more.” Trump owned the Miss Universe pageant giving thousands of women over the years an opportunity to showcase their brains, not just their beauty. Many of these women received scholarships, participated in non-profit activities and go on to do something amazing with their lives because of the opportunity Trump provided.

Trump has raised a family, taking pride in the accomplishments of all his children and empowered his daughters to be successful. His children do not drink or smoke, or use any type of drugs nor do they have criminal records. There is no history of mental health issues.

Trump's accomplishments and heart is often tarnished by the media but talk to the bystander who helped with his limo’s flat tire and he will tell you, Trump paid off his mortgage as a thank you. Talk to the NY VETS parade goers and they will tell you who provided the funds to save that organization. Talk to Wounded Warriors or the solider left to rot in the Mexican prison or the family of the soldiers who were told they could get no burial expenses... Trump was the one who made an impact. Trump has been helping Vets for over 40 years with private donations and donations from his foundation. Speak to the St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital about their new 28 million dollar pledge by the Eric Trump Foundation.

People are quick to point out when Donald Trump says something that’s not politically correct but they fail to point out everything he does out of kindness and his Christian upbringing. Some say Trump isn't a politician and that he won't work well with everyone. Let me remind you, he was a businessman rubbing elbows with both sides long before he decided to run. He knows more about politics and working both sides of the aisle than anyone else in the race. He will work well with foreign leaders just like he has all of his adult life building in their countries and making investments.

Trump has the IQ of a genius and wants to apply his knowledge and skill set to Make America Great Again for Americans! He wants to use his last years on Earth to make a difference. He doesn't want a Presidential salary of $400,000 a year for the rest of his life and doesn't need it. Look at all the other rich politicians and ask them to give up their salary, it won't be the same fight to win. Ask the others to give up super pacs and put their money where their mouth is and the only one standing will be Trump.

His drive for America is fueled by passion and knowing his legacy will be leaving behind a country in better shape than it has been in decades. Trump will make America Great for our children’s future. Any mother who wants job security, less stress, better national security and straightforward politics for her children; will choose Trump as President.


By @C4Constitution

I am a first generation American.  My parents came to America from Finland after the war in 1948.  They studied English and the Constitution to become US Citizens.  My Dad went on to build thousands of houses and employ thousands of workers during his lifetime.  He lived the American Dream and passed down his patriotism for America to his four children.

As an American, I grew up to become an Officer in a public company.  I meet many women who support Donald J Trump for President and I am honored to give you just a few reasons why I support him too.

Our country is in worse shape fiscally, physically, socially and Constitutionally than what a casual onlooker sees at the surface.  In fact, we have been infiltrated by enemy ideologies which run contrary to our Constitution at every level of government.  I watch in utter disbelief as our President and Congress push open borders, TPP, NAFTA, Common Core, Affordable Health Care Act ("ObamaCare"), Sanctuary Cities and much more upon our Sovereign nation.  I am angry that our Veterans are not being given the utmost in medical care and services, the least we can do for their sacrifice for us all.  Money allocated to the VA gets siphoned to pad the pockets of bureaucrats, and our Vets suffer.  I am furious that illegals get the benefits of our hard earned tax dollars when it should go to Americans.  I am sickened that Islam in America is usurping Judeo-Christian values.  The very politicians we vote into office to fight for us, end up voting against our wishes.  When Mr. Trump says our politicians are all talk and no action, I believe him.  He is right.

I am an Evangelical Christian since 1979.  My husband is an ordained minister.  We've lived long enough to experience time and again that God looks on the heart and not the exterior of a person.  Some people are taken aback by Mr. Trump's tone and his occasional expletives. These don't bother me at all.  Is he a "perfect" man?  No, that title is reserved for Jesus alone.  Does he speak "Christianese"?  Thank God, no.  God has used many different types of people through the ages.  I don’t require a fire and brimstone, Bible-quoting President.  In fact, I believe someone like that would never win in a General Election.  Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.  I don't need to dig deep to find that Mr. Trump loves his family and loves America.  He has generously given high millions to countless worthy causes and oftentimes unreported.  I can't imagine why he would give up his great life to take on these vipers.  Fame?  No, already has it.  Money?  No, already has it.  I truly believe Mr. Trump is called to serve in such a time as this.  God knows Mr. Trump's mega ego will be necessary to tear down the strongholds choking us all to death!  Mr. Trump is used to winning.

Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign. This is crucial to understand. When donors give millions to a candidate, that candidate has to pay the money back by doing the bidding of these donors once the candidate is President. Take a look at the billionaire donors: Koch, Club For Growth to name a few.  Dig a bit and you will find they donate to all the candidates, except Mr. Trump. Why do they do this?  It's called STRATEGY.  These donors are for open borders and a cheap labor force. They don't care who becomes President. They know they own that candidate and open borders will continue.  The RNC & GOP are dastardly.  They have devised schemes to ensure their candidate wins. They first wanted Jeb Bush but We The People said, "NO!" Now they are pushing Marco Rubio. Ask yourselves how Mr. Rubio ended up with 11% more votes in the last 15 minutes of the Iowa caucus when he never polled above 12% to begin with.  Think Microsoft Cloud voting software & GOP IA Headquarters.  I smell a rat.  A big, fat, voter fraud rat.  Speaking of rats, Sen. Cruz and his team proved themselves to be dirty rats with no integrity as well.  What they did to Dr. Ben Carson was disgraceful and fraudulent.  As a people we should never allow it. The onslaught by these dastardly lifetime politicians and donors hasn't yet begun against Mr. Trump.  I implore all Americans to watch entire Trump Rallies on YouTube and go to to read up on all his policies. They are rock solid. We won't get the truth from the media, who are also in place for the politicians and donors.  Mr. Trump has built a highly successful company - doing business worldwide.  He is not a career politician dependent on keeping donors happy.  I believe he will work for America's Citizens.

Isn't it time to choose a candidate who tells it like it is, no holds barred, is well connected around the world, will fight for our Constitutional freedoms and protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic, one who will make us stronger as a nation militarily and fiscally?  Mr. Trump will repeal ObamaCare and Common Core.  He will build a wall and insist immigrants come in LEGALLY.  He will negotiate with nations to make free trade fair, as it should be.  He will lower taxes for us all, allowing American companies to return to our soil and give jobs to Americans.  His great big ol' EGO won't allow for less than success.

All of these are only some of the reasons why Mr. Trump is the ONLY viable candidate for President in November.  We are at a major crossroads as a Nation.  We have the chance to finally unite and in one voice tell Washington and the world that we have had enough and We The People will take it from here.  Please vote for Donald Trump in your State's Primary and in the November General Election.  Do it in person to minimize voter fraud by the GOP utilizing MS Cloud voting software, which has already been manipulated.

Mr. Trump is a winner.  I say let's help him win for us all.  He most assuredly has my vote.

American Spirit

By Teresa Becher
Civil Engineer

 I’ve never been the politically correct one; I’ve been the honest one. At times, maybe not the tactful one, but the one who tries to give a sincere and honest response to a question. I’ve been the one to jump in to solve problems, problems that weren’t necessarily mine. You may ask why; it’s simply my love of others. This is why I support Trump.

Trump has made the difficult choice to set aside his personal goals and solve America’s problems because of his love for the United States of America and its future generations. Trump has continuously displayed intellect, strength, courage, and a strong work ethic to place American Citizens First. He has renewed the American Spirit by taking a stand for the hard working individual citizens’ rights for freedom and prosperity that today have long been forgotten in Washington. Trump is breaking the cycle of despair in our hearts and minds; he champions the goal of not giving up through his passionate and courageous American Spirit.  Trump has a Real Love of America who advocates and defends those that have bravely served and are serving our country both as an individual and collectively in the military. 

Trump has shown to the people that he is willing to take action to restore America, a willingness to right the wrongs, to heal our nation from the corruption, and the resolve and determination to Make America Great Again!

How Trump Won Me Over

By Nicole O. Coulter
Freelance Writer

I didn’t start out supporting Donald Trump.

At first glance, he seemed loud, brusque – and not a serious contender in the presidential race. In fact, when he visited Phoenix, last summer and attracted 15,000 people to a mega-rally, I remember thinking … “Why are all these people so CRAZY about Donald Trump?” I mean, yeah, Trump Tower is impressive (I wandered into it during a recent visit to Central Park) and his kids are truly commendable (Ivanka is a savvy, poised businesswoman without a shred of entitlement) … but Trump for President?

Before the first debate, I had loosely decided to support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – based on his Tea Party track record and victories over public sector unions. But shortly after the first debate – and Trump’s infamous exchange with Megyn Kelly, something changed.

I started listening to Trump.

I listened to his interviews, his rally speeches … and read his position papers. (There are five of them here.) And the more I learned about Trump, the more I liked him. He may have been a former Democrat (like myself) but there is no question that he is a diehard conservative on key issues and brings a wealth of private sector experience into a role that requires strong leadership.

The distractions (and distortions) Megyn Kelly raised were entertaining, but not really issues at all. In the fight to restore our nation’s greatness, what Trump said about Rosie O’Donnell after she insulted him first is completely irrelevant.

Trump, a wealthy businessman, has exposed the central problem of our time: Big money donors control our candidates – and it’s destroying our country. By self-funding, Trump can afford to be (and truly is) different. He can do the highly popular things that our leaders never seem to get around to doing (like closing the border and deporting illegal aliens). Like repealing Obamacare and opening up health insurance to nationwide markets.

By self-funding, he can freely pursue what is best for the American people – including a temporary halt on Muslim immigration – without worrying about the pearl-clutching donor class taking offense. That’s what the Tea Party was all about, in my opinion – fighting for the little guy, fighting for American values and rooting out political correctness as well as crony capitalism.

Our elected leaders – especially in the Republican party – have failed us. They’ve sold us out for the interests of big donors. And that has enabled open borders and unchecked trade and budget deficits.
Once you realize that nearly every single politician has a price – their words become hollow.

No matter how much they proclaim to be “conservative” no one in the GOP field is going to be as tough or bold as Trump in stopping illegal immigration. Why? Because their big money donors depend on cheap labor – not just cheap labor that we always imagine – i.e. the Mexican immigrants laboring in fields doing jobs that Americans supposedly “won’t do.” But higher-paying jobs in manufacturing, construction, services and technology.

Because Donald Trump raised the issue in his immigration position paper, I started paying attention to news articles about Americans losing their jobs to foreigners in the country on H1-B Visas. And I noticed that many of the candidates – including Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio – support increases in H1-B Visas, as well as significant increases in legal immigration. I’m not ok with that!

In many cases, tax-paying, law-abiding patriotic Americans are being forced to train their “cheaper” foreign replacements. That’s not right!

Before moving to Phoenix, we lived in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and I recall reading in the newspaper about how the Hershey Company was shipping most of its chocolate manufacturing to Mexico – and many of the remaining jobs in Pennsylvania were being done by Eastern Europeans – who, ironically, had decided to go on strike for better wages and benefits! Companies know they can pay foreigners much less than their American counterparts – all while taking advantage of our schizophrenic “system” that punishes them for hiring American – and incentivizes corporations to park their earnings overseas! Companies shouldn’t be able to dump American workers and import foreigners when there are 90 million Americans out of the labor force!

Donald Trump wants to make America Great Again. And there’s no way we’re going to be great again if the middle class keeps getting the rug pulled out from under them. Most of the 13 million job gains since Obama took office have gone to foreigners, while the number of Americans on food stamps has doubled, and the labor participation rate is at 40-year-lows.

Trump wants to lower our corporate tax rate to be more competitive. This will allow American companies to hire American workers. He wants to reduce the number of H1-B Visas and build a border wall. He wants to encourage health insurance competition – to make coverage more affordable for individuals and companies.

I believe that once more people start listening to Trump, he will win them over, too. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm like the energy I felt at a recent Trump rally in Mesa, Arizona, in December. What had once seemed unfathomable to me – Trump for President – has now become a very real and hopeful possibility.

Nicole Coulter Freelance Writer & Concerned Mother of Three in 
Phoenix, Ariz. 
(No relation to Ann.)

The Federation of the Fed Up!

By Lynda Korfist
Retired Paralegal

First of all, I must attribute my husband for turning me into a “political junkie”.  He is an extremely well read history buff and has been educating me for years on the correlation between history and politics.  He also has a very impressive vocabulary.  The reason I bring up that point is that shortly after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President I heard a pundit on TV say that Trump was “neither a conservative nor a liberal, but indeed was a ‘pragmatist’.”  I was pretty sure I knew the meaning of the word “pragmatist” having lived so many years with the master of vocabulary! Yet, just to be sure I looked the word up in our online dictionary and found this definition:  “A pragmatist is someone who is pragmatic, that is to say, someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal.  A pragmatist usually has a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach and doesn’t let emotion distract him/her.”  I personally found that description to fit Donald Trump and his vision for our country.

Like many other citizens/voters I have become totally disgruntled with the current ruling class making all the decisions for our country.  There has never been so much unrest and the worst part is there is that NO ONE trying to stop the fall.  We, the voters, have been told by the so-called Tea Party and GOP candidates on one side and the Hope and Change on the other, that if we elect them things will change in Washington.  We sent them all to DC and nothing has changed and no one has tried to stop this downward spiral of a once great country. 

Along comes Donald Trump, who speaks his mind and who does not care about being politically correct which, in my opinion, in one of the biggest problems in this county.  Everyone is emotional and few are pragmatic.  Finally, however, we have someone willing to oppose illegal immigration, close our borders, and someone who is very strong on national defense and fighting terrorism.  Trump is not afraid to use the phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, something Obama has never been able to say even when faced with overwhelming evidence of such terrorism.  I also want someone in our corner to restore the once thriving American economy.

The DC establishment is out of touch with the people and they cannot for the life of them figure out what the big draw is to Donald Trump.  We the people have lost faith in the purpose of the
Political parties and are looking to someone who can get this country working again and give us some hope for the future of our children and grandchildren. 

Listening to Fox News the other morning they were interviewing Brit Hume right after the New Hampshire primary.  When asked why he thinks Trump won by such an overwhelming margin he made the comment that the voters make up “a federation of the fed-up” and that those voters “may still come to their senses”.  Well, well, sign me up as a member of the “federation of the fed-up”!!  The press would love to pick another McCain or Romney for us – another sure loser like Jeb Bush.  Make no mistake, the press and mainstream media benefit by continuing the status quo in Washington and do not want to shake things up by getting an unconventional candidate like Trump in the oval office -- one who has not been bought and paid for by the special interests.

I truly believe Donald Trump would enlist the best people in his administration.  He has been very successful as an administrator in the real world and has a good reputation of being a good negotiator.  I have also seen various interviews with Donald Trump’s children and they love and admire him.  I heard his son, Eric, say that when growing up nothing was ever just handed to them on a silver platter, they had jobs and had to earn their own way.  I greatly admire anyone who instills such values in their children.  It seems values and decency are a thing of the past.

In closing, this may not seem like a big thing, but at the debate the other night before the New Hampshire primary the candidates were being introduced to come on stage for the debate.  Ben Carson did not hear his name and was confused and waited in the walkway to the stage to hear his name.  Donald stood there with him as the other candidates merely passed him by to get to their podiums.  For all his bombastic showmanship and image problems, I truly think Trump shows compassion and a love for his fellow men and women.

Originally from Illinois, and currently resides in Florida, just north of Tampa. Married for 33 years and has 2 children, 3 step-children, 8 grandchildren and 2 granddogs. 25 years as a Paralegal before retirement. 

We Need Strength

By Lindsey Kathryn
Mother of Four

The reason I'm supporting Donald Trump as our next president is simple, I am a proud American and I would like to see a secure boarder, renewed economic vitality, and a restoration of our traditional American values.

What do I mean by traditional American values? I mean the very same values Mr. Trump himself instilled upon his own children. He taught them to preserve themselves from vices that would paralyze them from independent and successful lives. He taught his daughters that if they applied themselves they have an equal opportunity to be just as successful as their brothers. He also taught them to be independent and create personal wealth for themselves honestly. He taught them to be responsible and respectful, but to stand up for themselves as well as for those who are less capable.

Many view Donald Trump as a purely bombastic and arrogant man. However, as I have taken the time to read about him, I have learned that, in the background, you see the Trump that Mr. Falwell Jr recently described, a man who takes his power, money, and influence seriously. A man who is very kind, giving and guided by a strong moral compass to do the right thing. This is the kind of leadership we desperately need in our country right now. We are at a dangerous crossroad in America right now and our next president must be a person who takes the business of the American people seriously, a person who is not in the oval office for personal gain.

We need a man who understands why our economy is paralyzed and what needs to be done to bring it back to life. We need a person who isn't torn between doing the right thing for the American people and appeasing the special interests and lobbyists who were responsible for getting him elected. We need leadership. We need principles. We need strength. We need Donald J Trump!

Political Nature

By Nancy McGregor

Identity is important. How we define ourselves is important. What we believe to be true about ourselves is valid. What we believe about others usually reflects something about our perceptions of ourselves. I identify as a person before I identify as a woman. I am not “just” my gender. I am the broader scope of my humanity. The term “humanity” is one that, for me, speaks of an all encompassing human nature and experience. I would no more vote for a woman, especially one like Hillary, simply because we have similar body parts any more than I would vote for a man because he has hands like I do.  Allowing only my womanhood to define me is also allowing it to limit me. It’s a trick that has been used against women for centuries. Speaking from (or voting for) only one aspect of my Being does not allow me to express the scope of my humanity. No, I want to express all of it. I want to BE all of it.

Being interested in humanity doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t enjoy nature and the natural world around me. In my work as a Wildlife Fine Art Photographer, I see our own human nature as it is reflected in the larger world of environmental nature. Animals are not so different from us. It’s a vision that expands and includes humans as part of the natural world. This also has an impact on my visit to the ballot box. I understand that nature is as brutal as it is beautiful.

Human nature is also brutal. This inborn brutality can’t be taxed, regulated or legislated out of existence. The reality of it must be understood and only then can we know the best course of action to defend against it. Whether it’s a lone gunman on a rampage or a radical plot, we must be able to understand its genesis or we will never reduce its escalation.  Further, when someone bastardizes a religion to better use it as a tool to invade or destroy others it can no longer be designated as a sacrosanct religion that merits veneration. That’s dangerously blind. The religion of peace has been hijacked and is being used as a spiritual weapon of war.  It is up the members of that religion to preserve its reputation, sanctity, and inviolability and to remove from it the people who would use their faith as a tool of violence and hatred. My heart goes out to my friends who are Muslim and whose genuinely peaceful faith is daily being trampled and dishonored by Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Their persecution comes not from those who would stop the dishonor but from those who have started it.

We often refer to human monsters as animals but we generally don’t mean to denigrate the beauty, grace and magnificence of wild or domesticated beasts. In that sense, I love animals! In fact, I have a young dog. He’s male and, as if in a wolf pack, he sometimes wants the role of an alpha male. He wants to lead the walk and he wants to set the tone. Except, I’m the pack leader. He offers a mild challenge to me sometimes but that’s his nature. I’m not intimidated by his nature.

As it translates to human males, many people have begun to believe that male leadership is misogynistic. Donald Trump, in particular, is quickly judged as a rude, misogynistic male.  A man with leadership skills, however, is no more misogynistic than my dog.

I hear fastidious women talk about Donald Trump with an unveiled distaste for his “vulgar” comments. In many cases, the women's comments and the corrosive venom with which they are spat is more unrefined than anything Donald Trump has uttered. In their quest for social superiority, such women often ignore the obvious. 1. Almost every person that Trump has broadsided was as a response; he didn’t initiate the exchange. 2. His respect for woman is equal to that of men; he responds equally. 3. When he attacks, he generally responds to the disrespect, not the disagreement. Respectful disagreement is met with respectful reciprocity.

I like that about him.

I’ve heard so many people, on both sides of the aisle, complain about how ugly people have gotten in the last few years. They’re rude. They are offended by almost everything. They justify. They blame. They defend. They demand. They attack.

This may be the most important thing I can tell you about Trump. Donald Trump reflects what he is given. And he magnifies it. If you give him disrespect, that’s what you get back, only quite a bit more. He lets you choose your response by how you decide to approach him. My mother called it “giving you enough rope to hang yourself.”

If America’s culture ever realizes how coarse they’ve decided to be in all their graceless, churlish, snarkiness, they’ll realize that the world they’ve produced also created the need for a person like Trump. His supporters are people who want a beautiful, healthy, and safe life filled with laughter, love, and happiness. His detractors seem to want a world that is violent, permanently offended, and generally foul. They attack Trump without restraint or respect. Human nature, however, is wired to flight or fight. Trump fights. When it comes to Trump, however, the solution is simple: Behave with respect and remember, “Don’t start none and there won’t be none.”

This is a simple but effective message to the bully on the playground, or a world leader who has a finger on the button labeled “Devastation.”

Understanding Trump’s actions instead of focusing only on his words are a matter of widening the scope of perception. Truth isn’t always a pretty thing to behold. One thing that limits everyone’s scope is Political Correctness. The underwriter of modern bigotry is “Being PC.” The politically correct culture demands that disdain is the only proper response to those humans who are not PC. Bigotry is defined as having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one's own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others. Almost every time anyone expresses outrage over a factual but ugly truth - simply based upon the mouth that utters it –she is announcing her own bigotry.  

Each creature in nature has its own skill set and personality.  I find humans absorbing and I love to watch them in their native environments. Washington DC’s pack of animals are a fascinating Train-Wreck. They protect their own vociferously. Both the blue-striped and the red-striped creatures attack Trump. He’s just not one of them. The donor class is not fond of him either. The lobbyists are not singing his praises. The special interests are not in line to cheer at a Trump rally. The ivory towers of academia are not praising Trump. The press is almost universal in its obvious smears.

Are all these creatures right? Or are they protecting their way of life? Their paychecks? Washington DC lives off the fat of the land. The taxes fund the beltway-insider economy that provides those paychecks.  It’s become clear that Donald Trump would unceremoniously flip over the tables of moneychangers in the hallowed halls of our government. By comparison, Bernie Sanders has spent around 30 years in those halls and has flipped over nothing in all that time. In his time in office, he has cosponsored a number of bills but he, himself, has only generated a total of three bills that were enacted as law; two of those simply renamed post offices. A grand total of one significant bill that became law in over 30 years. ONE!

When it comes to choosing a presidential candidate, I do a lot of research. I’m also not married to any ideology that seeks to limit my scope, my values, or my effectiveness. If Bernie were the magician he claims to be, I’d have no problem voting for him. Instead, he’s the worst kind of charlatan - one who preys on the fresh dreams and idealism of the young. He will not help them on their quest to make the world a better place. If he had that roadmap, he’d have made his own youthful aspirations come true. Instead, he went into politics.

Trump has that road map. He used it to teach his own children. He used it to build jobs for countless people. Now, he wants to use it to show America how to be a prosperous, substantial, robust, fun, protected, happy, and healthy entity. What would trigger the effort to stop him from building a strong America?  What are the ulterior motives? It’s certainly not a few vulgarities or a hairstyle.

Nancy McGregor is an Entrepreneurial Creative, an award-winning Photographer, the mother of a disabled child, and a happy person. She is, however, weary of being stifled by the negative categories and pigeonholes into which the press and the political parties stuff us. The old labels don’t work anymore.